The Buffalo Bayou Trail in Terry Hershey Park is the crown jewel for Hike and Bike Trails in Houston. It connects the Memorial area to the District and beyond. A resident can stroll along the trail to visit restaurants on Eldridge Parkway, while one of the District’s many employees can commute from their home in the Memorial Villages to their job in the Energy Corridor. The Barker and Addicks Reservoirs have several miles of trails with many more planned in the future. 

With conveniently-located bicycling routes and racks throughout the community, the Energy Corridor promotes safe, enjoyable biking that lets you get to virtually any destination.

Door to door, bicycling is faster than other modes for distances under three miles. Bicycle commuting is a great way to squeeze regular exercise into a hectic schedule. Commuting time can be used to stay in shape instead of sitting frustrated in traffic.

West Houston Trails Master Plan

The West Houston Trails Master Plan (WHTMP) began as a partnership between the National Park Service and the Energy Corridor District. The WHTMP was created to encompass 113,000 acres within a 6-mile radius centered at the intersection of IH-10 and State Highway 6. The goal of the plan is a shared-use trail system that will link residential areas, business centers, and parks to provide alternative transportation opportunities, outdoor recreation, riparian preservation, and restoration. 

Read the master plan here.

Step Into a New Routine

Walking to work, or wherever else you want to go, is easy thanks to safe, easily accessible trails and sidewalks throughout the Energy Corridor. Take in nature and some fresh air, enjoy a conversation, or listen to your favorite tunes or podcast.

Start walking and biking more today!

For more information on walking and biking in the Energy Corridor, please visit our Parks and Recreation page.