Moving in, around, and out of the Energy Corridor can be done in a variety of ways. At the District, we actively work with companies, regional transportation partners, Harris County, and the City of Houston to ensure each person can walk, bike, use transit, and drive safely. This area benefits from a world-class system of Hike and Bike Trails, easy access to airports and downtown Houston, and several METRO routes to and from the Addicks Park and Ride.

We recognize how important transportation is to each person who works and lives within the Energy Corridor. Our staff is pursuing several studies and projects that make mobility easy and safe. Take a look and see what options are available or planned in and around the District. 

The Energy Corridor District enjoys several existing mass transit options. The Addicks Park and Ride is the centerpiece for all existing METRO routes within the District. The Harris County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (METRO) operates several routes – a Park and Ride service connecting residents to downtown Houston, the Northwest Transit Center, the Westpark area, and close to Fort Bend county. 

Walking and biking to work, or wherever else you want to go, is easy thanks to safe, easily accessible trails and sidewalks throughout the Energy Corridor. With conveniently-located bicycling routes and racks throughout the community, the Energy Corridor District promotes safe, enjoyable biking that lets you get to virtually any destination.

The Energy Corridor is centrally located on Houston’s west side. People working at one of the District’s many corporate headquarters and offices can reach two international airports, downtown, and a world-class medical center. From any of these locations, someone can fly almost anywhere, receive the best medical care, and access cultural amenities.