The Energy Corridor District encourages the community to utilize our many outdoor amenities while gyms are closed and individuals are spending much of their time at home. It’s easy to maintain an active, happy, and healthy lifestyle while practicing social distancing within the Energy Corridor District. Find safe routes for cycling, jogging, hiking, and rollerblading on our several Hike and Bike Trails. Enjoy the Spring season, which is currently bringing us lots of sunshine and fresh blooms!
The Addicks Reservoir consists of both Cullen Park and Bear Creek Park – two family favorites. We recommend trying out Cullen Park’s scenic, paved trail that begins at the Phase II Picnic Area and ends over three miles later at Highway 6. This trail overlooks the natural banks of Mayde Creek.
The Barker Reservoir includes George Bush Park, which has over eleven miles of paved trails for visitors to enjoy.
Don’t forget about Terry Hershey Park, which is the heart of the Energy Corridor District. Utilize over twelve miles of paved trails while exploring the District.
All parks mentioned offer restrooms and water fountains, but plan on bringing your own food if needed. Remember – only exercise by yourself or with people that you live with so you can adhere to social distancing guidelines. Before you head out to the park or trail of your choice, check out the Energy Corridor District and BikeHouston’s Bike Map here. This important document contains an informative map as well as safety tips, laws, and trail etiquette.