February 2019

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Parks and Outdoor Recreation

Addicks & Barker Reservoir Parks

Addicks & Barker Reservoir Parks

Welcome to Addicks and Barker reservoirs, a place where visitors can find peace and quiet in the middle of a throbbing metropolitan area. Located about 17 miles from downtown Houston, both Addicks and Barker reservoirs lie entirely within the boundaries of this growing city. In addition to the Reservoirs? flood damage reduction mission, recreation and nature observation opportunities abound through the approximately 26,000 acres of land that makes up Addicks and Barker reservoirs. Large sections of the reservoirs remain undeveloped. The visitor is welcome to come and walk through the fields or along the streams and enjoy the many opportunities that Mother Nature has to offer.


Hurricane Harvey Assistance and Resources

Hurricane Harvey Assistance

1042 Highway 6 South Houston, TX 77077

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