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October 2018

Upgrade Your Commute!

The cost of commuting continues to add up for Houstonians, who spend 461 days of their lives sitting in traffic, according to EducatedDriver.org, which also points out that the average United States worker spends 4.35 hours a week commuting.

That’s a lot of time.

If the signs of wasted hours are pointing you to upgrade your commute, now is the time to try a METRO Star Vanpool with a Race to Ride Challenge offering prizes to both veteran and new vanpool commuters through December.

Better still, vanpools happen to be one of safest modes of transportation, according to the United States Department of Transportation.

With Race to Ride, just joining a vanpool earns you get a welcome gift. Those already commuting via vanpool are automatically entered into monthly drawings for gifts like Kindles, GoPros, Fitbits and tablets. Existing vanpools can also win gift cards for the entire group from Starbucks, Kroger, JCPenney and Cinemark. Adding a rider earns more chances to win.

If after taking a relaxing vanpool commute to work you happen to need a car, the Energy Corridor District’s Enterprise CarShare program has you covered.

Four locations in the Energy Corridor makes it easier to run errands and make appointments during the work day. And now, CarShare is offering new signups $25 in driving credits.

Rentals are all in – fuel and insurance are covered – for low hourly or daily rates, while allowing vanpool commuters to cut vehicle maintenance and fuel costs by leaving their personal ride at home.

“Commuting in traffic takes a toll on health because its stressful on the mind, body and even relationships,” explains Kelly Rector, TDM program manager for the District. “Driving on congested roads, commuters can suffer headaches, backaches, sleep problems and mental health issues. Another benefit is that if just a small portion of daily commuters switch to vanpools, traffic congestion will decrease.”

METRO STAR also offers vanpoolers an Emergency Ride/Guaranteed Ride Home program. The free service provides commuters a way home in the event of a midday emergency, up to three times per calendar year. 

All told, according to EducatedDriver.org, the average American loses 408 days of their life commuting. The non-profit group analyzed commuting habits in nearly 1,000 cities.

To make your commute more rewarding – and get a chance to earn Race to Ride prizes – explore a STAR Vanpool by calling 713-224-7433. Or visit starvanpool.com or #RacetoRide.

For more about CarShare’s $25 driving credit program, visit here.

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Upgrade Your Commute!

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