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August 2014

Taking Criminals Down with Pastel and Paper at ECD’s Security & Public Safety Meeting August 28

Hear forensic artist Lois Gibson, who survived a brutal attack to turn tragedy into triumph

A night of terror that nearly killed Lois Gibson brought to life a mission to take down criminals using an extraordinary but effective weapon – pastel and paper. Gibson’s work has turned more than 1,200 captured criminals into unwitting art admirers who never imagined their fists, guns and knives would be undone by colored chalk. 

The pioneering forensic artist will present her fascinating story at the next Security & Public Safety Meeting, 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m. Thursday, August 28, in the Terrace Room on BP’s Westlake Campus, 501 WestLake Park Blvd, room 1.140B.

Recognized as a leader in forensic arts, Gibson is passionate about the effectiveness of pastel and paper as a tool for bringing justice to innocent victims.

Her first cases with the Houston Police Department led to successful apprehensions. Since then, her sketches have gone on to help capture suspects in nearly a third of the cases she worked on – a record that has turned law enforcement’s attention to forensic art.

Gibson’s Security and Public Safety presentation will follow her trip to teach forensic art to police officers in Abu Dhabi. The Middle East is just one stop of many each week for Gibson, whose training has propelled forensic artist careers around the world, from Israel to Romania and Portugal.

The artist is now working with law enforcement on a new effort to compare suspect sketches against tens of thousands of mug photos stored in computers. Gibson believes that crime-fighting tool will open up jobs for people who can draw.

“Lois Gibson is a unique crime-fighter with a captivating story,” says Katherine Wallace, finance and economic development manager for The Energy Corridor District and organizer of the quarterly Safety and Public Security Meetings.

As always, lunch will be provided at the Security and Public Safety Meeting. Reserve your spot now by contacting Rachael Weaver, community relations coordinator for The Energy Corridor District, at rweaver@energycorridor.org, or (281) 759-3800.

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