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June 2018

Short Move Brings Needed Sanctuary to Century-Old Church Building

Sometimes the shortest steps can make the longest impact.

Addicks United Methodist Church moveIt took just a 90-degree turn south and 180-foot move east to help the 101-year-old Addicks United Methodist Church and its parishioners once again find solace.

The move has helped the church regain its spirit, says Minister Kristi Garner.

But it wasn’t the first move for this august, whitewashed church. In 1916 the church sat proudly on Hwy 6 next to the church community cemetery, which is still there today. Then the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers moved the church to make room for Addicks Reservoir. It was peaceful at its new address, for a time. The Energy Corridor grew up around the church.

“As Hwy 6 has widened and widened again, the last time it took the front yard, literally,” Garner explains. “We were kind of tucked up underneath the overpass, there was no visibility and the noise from all that traffic was not real pleasant coming in the front door.”

The move, though, is more than an aesthetic one, explains Garner.

“The church just sits on the property beautifully again,” she says. “But I truly believe this is the first step in getting out into the community and just partnering and being a presence and helping out where we can.”

It’s not every day you see a century-old church on wheels. Moving the church, says Garner, has sparked interest among locals, and church members have been meeting all kinds of new neighbors.

“We want to be a presence, a partner, a good neighbor with everybody in the Energy Corridor,” explains Garner. “We have a beautiful campus. We want people to know we’re here for them. It’s exciting.”

The church is even planning to get an Energy Corridor District bike rack installed.

“I want people to come and experience Addicks,” says Garner. “Don’t be put off by the little white church. Let go of all that and come and experience Addicks. Whatever you are, whoever you are, you’re going to get accepted and get loved.”

Addicks United Methodist Church, 14700 Park Row Dr., holds worship 10:30 a.m. Sundays.

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