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January 2016

Plug Those Potholes! Use the Houston 311 App Today

Houston’s new mayor pledges to fill potholes within 24 hours of being reported

To make good on a promise to fill potholes within 24 hours of being reported, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is asking the public to use the Houston 311 mobile app.

The pothole problem in town is daunting. Already, Public Works crews are dealing with as many as 160 pothole reports every day.

But Turner, who discussed his pothole pledge at the Super Neighborhood Alliance recently, says the app is the easiest way to report and then track an infrastructure problem. It also allows people to take a photo of the problem giving Public Works crews a better idea of the repair needed.

According to the mayor, the pothole improvement plan is working, with 96 percent of the 329 reported actual potholes were assessed and repaired by the next business day.

“The City of Houston is responsible for maintaining streets, traffic lights and drainage in The Energy Corridor,” explains Clark Martinson, general manager for The Energy Corridor District. “Reporting potholes now while the city is focused on the issue can help improve our streets.”

In The Energy Corridor, residents and employees can report more than just potholes. The 311 app helps the city stay on top of needed street and traffic light repairs, flooding and other infrastructure issues.

The app automatically creates a work order that goes directly to Public Works & Engineering or another department for resolution.

You can click on an interactive map to see other service requests in the area. Plus, the app offers quick access to a host of City-related matters and resources normally found on www.houstontx.gov

The 311 app can be downloaded free in the Android and iTunes stores.

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Plug Those Potholes! Use the Houston 311 App Today

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