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November 2013

One More Reason to Love Fridays: Free Rides!

As if the end of the work week isn’t enough reason to rejoice, Energy Corridor workers and residents will soon be able to ride the METRO 75 Eldridge Crosstown bus free every Friday beginning November 29.

The idea, developed by The Energy Corridor District (ECD), is to encourage commuters to try the comfortable METRO buses on the 75 Eldridge Crosstown route.

“Once you ride this route into The Energy Corridor, you’re likely to try it again, because it is a clean, pleasant and affordable alternative to driving,” explains John Nunez, Transportation Manager for The Energy Corridor District.

Free Ride Fridays will continue through September 2014.

The free rides to and from The Energy Corridor follows METRO’s successful Labor Day weekend promotion that offered free bus and light rail rides, and reaped a 40 percent jump in ridership over the previous year. According to informal polling of transit riders during the event, 89 percent of first time riders enjoyed their experience enough to ride again as paying customers.

The Energy Corridor District hopes Free Ride Fridays will attract new riders along the route, encouraging people to leave their cars behind during the busy shopping season and beyond.

“Taking the 75 Eldridge is a relaxing way to get to work in The Energy Corridor,” says Kelly Rector, an ECD team member who often commutes to work on METRO. “Being able to leave your car and the stress of driving at home is a rewarding experience.”

If Rector needs a vehicle while at work, she uses ECD’s CarShare program. CarShare provides conveniently shared vehicles at two Energy Corridor locations for commuters using alternative transportation who may need to run an errand while at the office.

The 75 Eldridge Crosstown route is funded in part through a Federal Transit Association grant, and through a partnership between METRO and The Energy Corridor District.

The project aims to improve access to transportation services and employment centers. Analyses over the past three years have consistently shown that the route is meeting this goal. More than 80 percent of 75 Eldridge Crosstown patrons use the service to travel to and from work.

Learn more about the 75 Eldridge Crosstown route here.

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One More Reason to Love Fridays: Free Rides!

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