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November 2013

Magic of Buffalo Bayou is Captured by New Educational Display in Terry Hershey Park

New exhibit by Bayou Preservation Association teaches about life along legendary waterway

An exciting, new educational exhibit that captures the magic of life along Buffalo Bayou will be dedicated 11 a.m. Wednesday,  November 20, in a ceremony at Terry Hershey Park near Langham Creek.

A project of the Bayou Preservation Association (BPA), the innovative exhibit tells the story about the ecosystem along a legendary bayou that meanders from the prairielands west of Houston into downtown and beyond. Hikers and bikers taking the Terry Hershey Trail will soon see the colorful display, featuring illustrations of bayou wildlife such as herons, turtles and even beaver.

“The newly installed exhibit is an excellent educational tool.” said Robert Rayburn, president of the Bayou Preservation Association, and Development & Natural Resource Director for The Energy Corridor District. “Bayou Preservation Association and The Energy Corridor District are excited to introduce this environmental educational exhibit to all trail users, young and old. After all, we are the Bayou City.“

The Energy Corridor District (ECD), Harris County Precinct Three and the Harris County Flood Control District partnered with BPA on the sign’s installation. For the ECD, the interpretive display compliments its continuing effort to improving recreational experiences for West Houston residents.

Funded by the Terese T. Hershey and Jacob W. Hershey Endowment Fund, this signage was designed by Interpretive Insights, a Houston-based consultancy led by former Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Planner Amanda Hughes-Horan.

It is the first display of its kind to be installed by the Bayou Preservation Association – part of a wider initiative to raise public awareness of local bayous as Houston’s greatest natural treasures. Over 2,500 miles of connected waterways drain 22 different watersheds in the Greater Houston area. Houston’s bayous provide precious natural habitat for a great diversity of wildlife, maintain freshwater inflow essential to the health of Galveston Bay, and provide a relaxing place for Houstonians to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Bayou Preservation Association is a nonprofit organization that facilitates projects and public awareness about the region’s streams and waterways in order to foster watershed management, conservation, restoration and recreation along these natural resources. For more information on the Buffalo Bayou display, contact Bayou Preservation Association at (713) 529-6443.

Energy Corridor residents and employees are invited to attend the dedication ceremony, 11 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 20, in Terry Hershey Park, located on Memorial Drive just west of Eldridge Parkway, near Langham Creek.

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Magic of Buffalo Bayou is Captured by New Educational Display in Terry Hershey Park

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