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January 2013

Looking Back to a Year of Advances

The past year was filled with exciting accomplishments and achievements in the Energy Corridor.  Here are some of the great highlights from 2012 that show why our district is so unique.

We Reduced Emissions And Improved Mobility With “Bike To Work Day”

Our “Bike to Work Day” was a huge success, with approximately 150 cyclists pedaling to work on May 17, 2012. Not only did the event help reduce emissions for a healthier environment, biking to work was a great way for people to change their daily routine and escape the stresses of driving in Houston traffic. This year, we encourage even more employees and residents to cycle to work to help lessen our carbon footprint, trim transportation costs and of course, burn calories.

We Developed The First Car Share Program Of Its Kind

2012 saw the Houston-Galveston Area Council approve funding for a Car Share Program to be implemented at Energy Corridor area work sites. The first of its kind, the program offers commuters rental cars with waived membership and application fees at various locations in the Energy Corridor for the occasional workday errand, medical appointment, or home emergency. This innovative new program aims at mitigating roadway congestion by increasing the number of Energy Corridor workers that commute via alternative transportation modes, such as carpooling/vanpooling, biking, walking or transit.

We Reached A Record Number Of Items Recycled

The e-cycling event totals from the COP onsite and Eldridge events are in, and the results are tremendous!  The total weight of unwanted or broken electronics plus clothing and household items recycled in 2012 was up 51.63% from last year. 
The vehicle count for the Eldridge event rose from 284 in 2011 to 407 in 2012.  This represents an increase of 43.31%. Thanks again for all the coordination and hard work by all the volunteers!

We Began Planning for the Inaugural EnergyFest

Targeted at bringing the residents and businesses in the ECD together, planning for the Energy Corridor District’s inaugural “EnergyFest: Explore The Corridor” began in late 2012. Scheduled for April 2013 this street festival is expected to include expo tables/tents, live music, area vendors, and participation from the businesses immediately located in the event locations.

We Received the Go-Ahead to Complete Park Row

In December of last year, the Houston City Council approved an economic development agreement that provides the District with the ability to complete the missing mile of Park Row between State Highway 6 and N. Eldridge Parkway/N. Dairy Ashford.  Work on Phase 1 will commence the first quarter of 2013. Planning for the second, and final phase is well underway.

Here’s to a great 2013!

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Looking Back to a Year of Advances

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