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July 2014

Is Your Company a Clean Air Champion? Here’s How Your Firm Can Get Recognized for its Efforts

If the organization you work for is taking steps to reduce traffic congestion and improve mobility, it could earn a 2014 Clean Air Champion award from the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC).

Each year, H-GAC recognizes companies, organizations and government entities in the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria area that are taking proactive efforts to improve the region’s air quality. Winning organizations are honored at H-GAC’s annual Clean Air Action Awards luncheon held each year in September.

Plus, Clean Air Champions garner acknowledgement in the Houston Business Journal, get a digital “Clean Air Champion” widget to display on websites, and gain opportunities for additional recognition via case studies and media interviews.

You can enter your company or organization for free here. The deadline to submit nominations is August 21.

There are Clean Air Awards for office-based organizations – including professional firms and plant or industrial operations whose employees mostly commute to work – and for organizations, sales firms and consultants that rely on fleets.

Clean Air Champions for commuters often earn the distinction of being recognized as regional leaders of employee-benefits offerings – a competitive advantage in recruiting. Plus, organizations instituting commuting programs can gain other advantages, such as tax incentives, improved employee retention, savings on parking management, improved employee morale and increased productivity.

Commuter benefits can take the form of transit passes, vanpool incentives, rewards for NuRide and carpools, tele-working, alternative work schedules, amenities for walkers and bikers, and more.

Fleet-based companies can become a Clean Air Champion by adopting clean fleet policies for on-road vehicles and off-road equipment. Clean fleet policies include committing to accelerated fleet turnover, promoting the use of alternative fuels, adopting a no idling policy and taking other actions to improve Houston-area air quality.

Last year, H-GAC awarded The Energy Corridor District and General Manager Clark Martinson with a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Leadership award at the Clean Air Action "Best in Motion" Leadership Awards Luncheon. The award recognized the District’s efforts to cost-effectively reduce single-vehicle occupancy travel demand through programs such as CarShare, facilitating bicycle and pedestrian commuting, and helping establish Energy Corridor bus routes.

Become a Clean Air Champion today. Email Kelly Rector, transportation coordinator for The Energy Corridor District, or click here to learn more. 

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Is Your Company a Clean Air Champion? Here’s How Your Firm Can Get Recognized for its Efforts

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