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July 2014

Help The Energy Corridor Expand CarShare and Reduce Traffic Congestion!

Calling all companies and property owners: parking spaces are needed for shared vehicles to encourage alternative commuting

If there’s one sure way to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in West Houston, it’s CarShare – The Energy Corridor District program designed to encourage vanpooling, carpooling, bus riding or bicycling to work.

Currently offering two Enterprise CarShare sites, The Energy Corridor District is asking companies, property owners and facility managers to join the effort to combat traffic congestion by offering parking spaces for additional shared-vehicle opportunities. Employees who’d like to take advantage of alternative commuting on business campuses can help by asking their human resources department about CarShare.

CarShare overcomes the main objection employees have to vanpooling, carpooling, bus riding or bicycling to work – the use of a vehicle when the need arises, be it a family emergency or just a lunch date.

We need more CarShare sites so vehicles are available where people want and need them,’ explains Kelly Rector, transportation coordinator for The Energy Corridor District. “Stepping up to help reduce traffic congestion doesn’t cost employers and property owners a dime. In fact, offering CarShare vehicles can actually save facilities money by cutting the need for additional parking spaces and reducing lot congestion.”

The District’s Enterprise CarShare was the nation’s first program to offer shared vehicles for employees from multiple companies.

Today, alternative commuters at two sites are enjoying the money-saving benefits of alternative transportation knowing shared vehicles are available when they need them. Both Eldridge Place, 777 N. Eldridge Parkway, and Ashford V Plaza, 14701 St. Mary's Lane, offer Enterprise CarShare to their tenants.

For just $9 per hour weekdays, $8 per hour during weekends – with fuel, physical damage/liability protection, vehicle maintenance and 24/7 roadside and member assistance all included – CarShare can help employees reduce their commuting budget, while easing traffic congestion and the need for expensive road construction.

Find out how you can improve traffic mobility in Houston by offering parking spaces for CarShare. Click here for more. Then contact Kelly Rector, (281) 759-3800, or krector@energycorridor.org to set up your CarShare site.

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