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May 2018

Farmers Market Artisan Handmakes Lushly Scented, Natural Deodorants Free of Aluminum, BPA

ASA Botanicals offers natural alternatives to chemical-based personal care from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Saturdays at Grisby Square

When she was pregnant, Uchenna Osuagwu Gbugu feared her prescribed acne medications, with its list of potential side effects, might harm her unborn baby. So, this pharmacist researched and created her own natural remedy, one that not only cleared her acne, it also inspired a new business, ASA Botanicals.

These days – amid a bounty of locally farmed produce, grass-fed meat and artisan-crafted foods found each Saturday at the Energy Corridor Farmers Market – ASA Botanicals sells Uchenna’s handmade natural deodorants free of aluminum and BPA to likeminded souls seeking natural personal care solutions.

Formulated by hand, ASA Botanicals’ deodorants feature scents derived from natural sources handpicked by Uchenna, such as bergamot, a delicate citrus fruit with oils coveted for countering odor-causing bacteria on the body. Opening up one of ASA Botanicals’ deodorants releases fragrant, enticing scents ranging from jasmine, rosemary and mint, to orange, lemongrass and coconut lime.

Every single product, says Uchenna, is 100 percent natural, free of fillers and the aluminum, parabens, phthalates and propylene glycol found in many personal care products. 

“My passion is to provide quality natural products that are effective and better alternatives to the chemical-ridden, readily available products in stores,” explains Uchenna. 

Eventually, she hopes to formulate every single product used on her body and in her home, from lotions, soap and detergent, to make-up, hair care and beyond.

Oh, and that acne remedy she made years ago?

“Until this day, my homemade facial wash is the only thing I use to wash my face,” Uchenna says. “Nothing else. The best part: I never went back on my prescription medications. It’s been over two years now and my acne is under complete control.”

That, says Uchenna, has not only saved her sensitive skin, it’s also saved her the cost of expensive acne medication.

Visit ASA Botanicals from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. each Saturday at the Energy Corridor Farmers Market, 14710 Grisby Road, just southeast of IH-10 and Hwy 6, where aside from bergamot-scented personal care products, you can also indulge the senses with antibiotic-free poultry and pork, sustainably raised beef, organic eggs and a bevy of locally sourced produce– not to mention prepared epicurean foods made in the Houston area.

For more on botanical deodorants, visit ASA Botanicals Facebook page here.

For directions and more on the Energy Corridor Farmers Market – or to inquire about selling locally produce foods – visit here.

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