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July 2015

ECD to Host Houston Bike Plan Public Meeting July 20

Help create a better bicycling network for West Houston

Energy Corridorians can share their vision to make the nation’s fourth largest city a better place to bike at a Houston Bike Plan public meeting, 6-7:30 p.m. Monday, July 20, at the Kendall Library, 609 N Eldridge Parkway. 

Hosted by The Energy Corridor District, the public meeting is an opportunity to learn more about the Houston Bike Plan – a $500,000 effort that seeks to create an improved citywide bicycling network, built to serve a broad range of riders.

Better still, at the meeting you can help shape the plan by providing ideas and feedback. Public comments will be shared with City of Houston officials updating the plan.

Reserve your spot for this important meeting and RSVP here

City planners hope the Houston Bike Plan can lead to a safer, healthier, more bike-friendly city. The goal: provide more transportation choices, by making bicycling more accessible and safer, with both on- and off-street facilities and connections to key destinations such as job centers, parks, schools and entertainment venues.

Making it easier to bike in The Energy Corridor is already a core component of The District ’s master plan with its framework for land use, mobility and open space that includes a bicycle network, along with infrastructure and street design ideas destined to improve the cycling experience. The master plan, which can be viewed here, has been shared with City of Houston staff and the city’s Bike Plan consultants.

“We envision a place where bicyclists are welcome, whether they’re traveling to work or riding with the family to a restaurant,” says Kelly Rector, transportation coordinator for The District. 

The master plan is rife with bicycling-friendly ideas: a complete street for Eldridge Parkway; Dutch Corner intersection design elements; Park Row sidewalks and one-way separated bicycle facilities; a Memorial Drive two-way separated bike lane; Briar Forest one-way separated bike lanes on each side of the street; and a bike path on Grisby Road connecting Terry Hershey Park, West Lake Park and PMRG’s proposed Republic Square to the Grisby Square entertainment area.

“By hosting a public meeting at Kendall Library, we hope to give residents, Super Neighborhood leaders, business owners and employees in The Energy Corridor a convenient opportunity to become part of the Houston Bike Plan process,” explains Rector. “You’ll be able to learn more about the plan and provide feedback that becomes part of the public record.”

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ECD to Host Houston Bike Plan Public Meeting July 20

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Did you know motorists are required to give cyclists, pedestrians and others wide berth?

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