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August 2014

Commuter Events to Drive Home Money- and Tax-saving Benefits of Carpooling

Demo a CarShare vehicle at Ashford Place Aug.12

Building multi-million dollar roads and budget-busting rail systems may pale in comparison to the traffic-mitigating and wallet-preserving power of carpooling and vanpooling.

You can find out how to reduce fuel costs, wear and tear on your vehicle, and tax-funded projects at two upcoming Commute Solutions events in The Energy Corridor hosted by the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC).

At both events, you can learn how to join the converts to carpooling and vanpooling from the experts at NuRide, METRO and Star Vanpool.

The first Commute Solutions event will be 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Tuesday, August 12,  at Ashford Plaza, 14701 St. Mary's Lane.

One of the Ashford Place event highlights: you will be able to demo actual CarShare vehicles. Enterprise CarShare will be on hand to show how the program works using the vehicles and the smart chip-enabled membership card.

The second event is 6–8 a.m. Wednesday, August 13, at the Addicks Park and Ride, just north of IH-10 between Eldridge Parkway and Highway 6.

At the events, companies can apply to be a Clean Air Champion. If your organization is taking steps to reduce traffic congestion and improve mobility, it could earn a 2014 Clean Air Champion award from the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC). Each year, H-GAC recognizes companies, organizations and government entities in the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria area that are taking proactive efforts to improve the region’s air quality. Winning organizations garner publicity for their efforts, using the honor to recruit talent, while adding credibility to their sustainability initiatives among stakeholders.

Of course, there will be snacks and giveaways at the Commute Solutions events. But the real nourishment will be to the financial bottom line of those taking the alternative commuting plunge.

And for those worried about giving up a vehicle while at work, The Energy Corridor District’s CarShare program has your ride. Shared vehicles await commuters using alternative transportation at Ashford Place and Eldridge Place, at Memorial Drive and N. Eldridge Parkway, with more locations planned.

Learn more about carpooling, vanpooling, METRO and other commuting solutions here. Or email Kelly Rector, transportation coordinator for The Energy Corridor District. To nominate your organization as a Clean Air Champion, click here to learn more.

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Commuter Events to Drive Home Money- and Tax-saving Benefits of Carpooling

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