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March 2018

Come On and Take a Free Ride … During a Special Promotion, Courtesy of the ECD and Waze

Let Waze pick up the carpool fuel tab this April & May 

Ridesharing commuters can get a free ride this April through May, thanks to a new partnership between Waze Carpool and the Energy Corridor District.

To promote the benefits and ease of carpooling, a special promotion will offer free rides to and from the Energy Corridor District. Passengers will travel gratis, while drivers get reimbursed for fuel used on the ride.

Waze, the popular navigation smartphone app, launched a carpooling feature last fall to help Texans impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Soon, the program went statewide in an effort, as Waze puts it, “to not just outsmart traffic, but to end it.” 

Sharing rides via Waze is simple and automated.

Drivers using the Waze app can set up a carpool account that matches them with riders going to a nearby location. Waze Carpool gives drivers and riders the freedom to choose their carpool partner based on detailed profiles, star ratings from previous rides, number of mutual friends and customizable filters such as same gender and coworker. Those hoping to catch a ride must download the Waze Carpool app, create a profile, and can then begin requesting rides.

Through the app, riders can reimburse drivers for fuel used during the commute at $0.54/mile, per the 2018 IRS standard mileage rate.

But during the District-Waze promotion in April and May, Waze will pick up the fuel tab by reimbursing drivers, giving free rides to passengers.

“This is an excellent way to introduce people in the Energy Corridor District to Waze Carpooling, while rewarding people for taking vehicles off our congested roadways,” says Kelly Rector, TDM program manager for the District.

To spread the word and benefits of ridesharing, workplaces in the District can hold onsite events with Waze Carpool representatives who will provide app demonstrations, answer questions and hand out free swag and treats.

Waze has the largest community of drivers on the planet, according to the company. Its carpool app was designed to make it easier for drivers to find carpool partners. Commute routes for both drivers and riders are analyzed, finding matches based on closest start and end points, commute timing and real-time traffic conditions.

Commuters can become a carpool driver by downloading the Waze app, while riders can download Waze Carpool app (both are available at www.waze.com/carpool). Waze will let you know who’s on your route so you can offer or request a ride, and then hit the road.

“Ridesharing has the potential to seriously reduce traffic, particularly in Houston,” explains Rector. “But the benefits to drivers and riders are also very real. Sharing rides helps get you to your destination faster by taking HOV lanes. Plus, you can split fuel costs and even make some new friends.”

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Come On and Take a Free Ride … During a Special Promotion, Courtesy of the ECD and Waze

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