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April 2013

Celebrate National Bike to Work Week on May 16 with The Energy Corridor District

Shake up your routine commute with a healthy bicycle ride to The Energy Corridor

The air in Houston will be cleaner and the roads less congested on May 16, when a herd of Energy Corridor commuters jump on their bicycles to honor National Bike to Work Week, leaving their cars back home.

National Bike to Work Week is the cornerstone of National Bike Month – and The Energy Corridor District is celebrating with a gathering of commuting cyclists at the Terry Hershey Park gazebo, 6:30-7:30 a.m., Thursday, May 16. There will be refreshments, giveaways and prizes.

Several Energy Corridor companies promote the community event to their employees as a healthy, alternative form of transportation. It’s also a day among many when you’ll find Clark Martinson on a bike, riding into the office along bicycle-friendly routes.

“There is something special about riding a bike to work, whether it’s saving money, sustaining your health, or seeing the community that surrounds you in a brand new way,” says Martinson, General Manager for The Energy Corridor District. “Biking to work helps the environment, but it’s also refreshing to shake up your routine and escape the stress of driving in Houston traffic.”

Created by the League of American Cyclists, bike to work events are held in cities across the country as “an opportunity to celebrate the unique power of the bicycle and the many reasons we ride,” according to the group.

The event ties well to a core mission for The Energy Corridor District: actively promoting bicycling as a prime contributor to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, Martinson himself can often be can be found riding one of his 1970s vintage steel 10-speeds along some of the 50 miles of bike trails winding their way through The Energy Corridor.

Martinson is available to lead “lunch-and-learn” brown bag demonstrations to show how companies and their employees can organize a Bike to Work Day. To schedule a “lunch-and-learn” demo call Martinson at (281) 759-3800, or email cmartinson@energycorridor.org.

For more information on biking to work in The Energy Corridor, call The Energy Corridor District at (281) 759-3800.

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