February 2019


In The News

The Family Separation Study in The Energy Corridor


Dr. Candice Alfano, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Houston wants to let Energy Corridor families know about an important research project being conducted called The Family Separation Study.

Temporary separation from a parent, either due to divorce or separation, or because a parent is required to travel for work can be stressful for children and families. Some families cope with these challenges well, while other families struggle. The Family Separation Study is a federally-funded project aimed at better understanding how we can assist those children and families who experience increased levels of stress and emotional problems due to separation.

If you have a child between the ages of 7 and 17 your family may be eligible to participate. We are currently enrolling 3 types of families: 

  • Families with a parent who travels for work at least 30 days at a time 
  • Families who have experienced divorce or separation within the past year
  • Military families with a service member parent who is deployed

Participation includes only one in-person appointment and families are compensated $100 for their time.

For more information or to participate, please contact Dr. Alfano at familyseparationstudy @gmail.com or by phone at 713-743-8674 to learn more about this important project.