October 2018


Event Calendar


Free Rainbow Library

Ray Miller Park, 1800 Eldridge Parkway

Sunday, December 3rd from 3pm-5pm

* FREE Popup Library = Books! + Arts! + Music! *
*** Brought to you with love by Z LAB ***
Energy Corridor District - Ray Miller Park @ Eldridge

The reason:
We were flooded. We lost some books. We saved some books. Our friends brought more. We want to share them with you all!

The setup:
We will lay out books on a big colorful parachute for kids to explore and read. The parachute always brings excitement and symbolize the "rainbow after Harvey." In addition to storytime, we have also invited local artists to help kids creat art and crafts.

What you can do to help:
1. Donate books in every language
2. Donate time: join us as a volunteer3. Donate expertise: share your story and inspire our kids
4. Spread the word by telling a friend, writing a post, or sharing a picture
5. Give us suggestions on what we can do to make it better!

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