February 2019


Why Join CarShare?

Membership has its benefits. Here are just some of the reasons to start sharing today.  

  • Convenient and flexible - a car when you need it
  • Low cost - pay only for the hours you drive
  • Fuel, physical damage/liability protection and vehicle mainentance are all included
  • 24/7 roadside and member assistance
  • No need to call or visit an offsite rental location
  • Internationally friendly - foreign drivers licenses accepted
  • Less wear and tear on both our roads and your personal vehicle
  • Good alternative to owning a second car
  • Dedicated parking spot for CarShare vehicles
  • Free use of a CarShare vehicle in the event of an emergency*

Accounting for insurance, fuel, maintenance, depreciation, and other costs, AAA estimates that the average cost to drive a car 15,000 miles each year is $9,151. Estimates for SUVs and minivans are even higher.

  • Reduce fleet and parking needs
  • Recruit and retain a healthier workforce
  • Attractive to prospective employees
  • Alternative to individual employee mileage reimbursements or traditional rental cars
  • Internationally friendly - foreign drivers licenses accepted
  • Drive customers to your business by providing dedicated parking for CarShare vehicles 

Current customers in Enterprise CarShare programs have reduced fleets by as much as 3.6 to 1 (average recommended initial reduction of fleet is at least 35%). 

  • Newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles, including hybrid vehicles, are less polluting and improve air quality
  • Less wear and tear on roads and infrastructure
  • Reduce carboon footprint
  • Reduce traffic congestion

Existing Enterprise CarShare programs have been able to reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 65% per vehicle and 89% of assessed emissions.

*Click here for emergency ride home eligibility requirements and instructions.

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