February 2019

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Agu Ramen

Agu Ramen

“A harmony of aroma and complex flavors is affirmation of my love for the art of ramen.
Steeped deep within the noodles, is a reverence for life and the Japanese culture.
However, these bowls of passion can only reach perfection,
if I succeed in passing on their secrets to future generations.”

— Hisashi Uehara

AGU a ramen bistro
where noodles meet their maker


We don't just love ramen, we live ramen!
Not long ago, a group of savvy business partners sat together enjoying a beer and doodling ideas on their cocktail napkins. In 2013, their collective dream of a high-end ramen house became reality when AGU a Ramen Bistro opened with fanfare at its first location at the Saint Louis Alumni Association. A recipe for instant success, more AGU locations sprang up on Oahu over the next couple of years — at Ward Centre, and Kapolei Marketplace. Soon, there will be locations in Waikiki and Pearlridge Center. To help facilitate this rapid growth, the AGU Magic Kitchen opened as a central place where all of the stocks are cooked for all of the restaurants. It also serves as a sort of culinary workshop where AGU’s driving force and visionary, Chef Hisashi conjures up new menu ideas.

Hisashi, Executive Chef and Owner, named his premier ramen bistros, “AGU” which means "fellowship" or "best friends" in Miyako, his native Okinawa dialect. Every day, more than 1,560 pounds of pork bones are slowly boiled at an extremely high heat for over 24 hours in order to create AGU’s signature, creamy yet hearty, tonkotsu broth. The resulting enticing rich flavor speaks of the love that goes into every bowl. Tonkotsu Ramen is considered by many to be the “king of ramen”.

All of the soups and dishes served at AGU are made with only the freshest, exceptional ingredients. The rich, clear chicken broth is made using organic, cage-free Jidori chicken that has been raised on a vegetarian diet. Our noodles are made fresh daily from a special house recipe. However good ingredients are not enough to create AGU's specialty soups and dishes. Our chefs are dedicated to preparing each item with perfection, patience and a little extra Aloha! Our ramen cannot be rushed!

1809 Eldridge Parkway Houston, TX 77077

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OPEN DAILY  11am - 10pm

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