February 2019


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Blue Wave Express Car Wash

Blue Wave Express Car Wash

We do one thing and we do it very well ? we wash cars. We have no gift stores, no convenience stores, no coffee kiosks and no ancillary mail-order products. We don?t sell gas or lubes. The only thing you can buy from BlueWave is a really good, really fast car wash. Period

BlueWave offers a compelling value to our customers. In just three minutes, you get a really clean, really dry car for as little as $5.99. The process we use is good for your car, much better than washing it at home. And it?s also a lot faster than washing your car at home. Believe it or not, washing your car at BlueWave is also better for environment than washing at home.

1665 Eldridge Parkway, (Just south of Briar Forest) Houston, Texas 77077

Phone 281-558-1750 Visit the Website

Hours of Operation

Store Hours:
Everyday: 7am- 7pm

29.7502187 -95.6352801 /sites/ecd/themes/default/images/map_markers/group_4.png