February 2019


Livable Center

Based on consultant observations, public comments and projected development estimates, The Energy Corridor District Livable Centers Study recommends a future mixed-use transit oriented development.

The plan calls for splitting the 75 Energy Corridor Connector bus route into two separate routes. A north-south route will run from the Addicks Park & Ride Lot to the Eldridge Parkway corridor. A new east-west route along IH- 10 would connect apartments, office centers, restaurants and the Addicks Park & Ride Lot to provide faster service and more transit options along N. Dairy Ashford and Park Row.

The first transit, parking, streetscape, bicycle and pedestrian improvements are proposed for the restaurant area formerly known as Grisby Square. By protecting the grand Live Oak trees in the area, cleaning up the overgrown vacant lots, adding transit amenities and expanding casual dining experiences, walking, bicycling and transit use will all be encouraged.

Perhaps the study’s biggest idea is the proposed Livable Centers Bridge over IH-10. Spanning over 24 lanes of highway, this structure would be lined with a unique building
space that encloses a “shared space” passage for pedestrians, bicycles and transit vehicles. The center of the bridge is envisioned as an open plaza that would accommodate special events.

The bridge would connect high density transit oriented development on METRO’s Addicks Park & Ride Lot on the north side to future WestLake Commons mixed-use development proposed by BP on the south side. The bridge would provide clearance for future rail transit underneath the bridge in the center of IH-10.  Its rail-boarding platform would be connected with steps, escalators and elevators to the shops, promenades and transit mall atop the Livable Centers Bridge.

Interested property owners, developers and public agencies are encouraged to review and evaluate The Energy Corridor District Livable Centers Study. The Energy Corridor District will continue to revise the plan to respond to real estate market realities and public budgets.


For more information please contact:
Clark Martinson
General Manager Energy Corridor District
14701 St. Mary’s Suite 290
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